Allison Dining

The new layout in this dining hall conversion allows customers to venture to their concept of choice with numerous circulation paths.  Gone are the crowded “cafeteria” queuing lines.

New food concepts were added that include Pure Eats (food that is simply prepared, is gluten free and free of the 9 major allergens); pizza, deli, grill, bakery, kosher, salad and of course yummy comfort food (just in time for the changing weather!)

Hydroponic cabinets greet you at the entry where the chefs grow fresh herbs and greens used in the food preparation – in between the cabinets are bins for fresh fruit and vegetables for the “picking”.

A Mezzanine was added to make up for the displaced seating due to scattered food concepts.  It includes a chair lift and 2 open staircases for access.   Quite a popular spot for dining as well as some always fun people watching!

Space is always at a premium, so we created one room that serves 3 distinct functions: Dining space during peak times (square footage is priceless!); Teaching kitchen for customers to learn the art of cooking from professional chefs and a conference room.  A garage door was installed at the front of the space to allow for focused learning or meetings when needed and it’s just a cool feature when it’s open.   A large stainless-steel barn door closes off access to the pizza concept during meetings (but left open during teaching sessions for access to food service equipment)

Seating aligns with each food concept to create different guest experiences throughout.   This includes a variety of seating. The Bakery has lounge chairs with wood top tables creating a more comfortable/relaxed area. Bar height community tables are scattered throughout traditional dining tables and chair arrangements.  2 and 4 person booths and counter seating are all supplied with the always needed USB charging ports.

Sleek, contemporary, modern – this interior palette is white, light wood tones, fresh green and teal accents, stainless details and of course NU purple hues sprinkled throughout.  Textures and patterns are feature elements with real wood panels on counter fronts and wallcovering accents to help tie it all together.  The flooring is a light wood look LVT with teal, green and dark brown abstract pattern LVT accents that are subtle wayfinding.  One large seating area is highlighted with purple wood look LVT (complete with a matching painted purple ceiling above!)

This new dining hall provides customers with variety in seating and fresh food choices, learning opportunities to lure out their inner chef and meeting spaces all in a bright, light modern venue.

Project Details

  • Client: Allison Dining
  • Location: Evanston, Illinois
  • Year: 2019

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