Allison Dining

To us, Allison is more than a pretty name. Ever since we had the chance to carve an oasis of modern dining out of Northwestern’s meeting and eating space, we have a new appreciation for the old query: “what’s in a name?”

Navigate through the oversized steel barn door, and you know you’ve stepped into the future of cafeteria dining. A fissure of light separates the two main sections of the space, with a mezzanine level to one side and offices across the split. Below is ample space for queuing that opens up beneath one side for cozy, flexible seating atop a brilliant purple reflection of the offices above.

The future is about multi-use as this space can receive diners with ease while being easily adjustable to either a teaching kitchen (master chefs love to pick fresh herbs from the hydroponic garden) or a bright and welcoming meeting space. The light wood tones, crisp green and teal highlights give the eyes as much to feast on as the plates that fly through the—kosher, allergen free, or bistro—kitchens, depending on your leaning

Project Details

  • Client: Northwestern University
  • Location: Evanston, Illinois
  • Year: 2019


When square-footage is at a premium, and you want to create tailored dining experiences, flexibility becomes true North. Between the 2 & 4 person booths, the counter seating (with USB charging), the dining seats oriented to specific dining options—for that custom experience—or the relaxed lounge seating for the bakery, you’ll forget you’re tucked in the corner of a campus building.

The map doesn’t end here, Nvironment made some changes to other Northwestern University buildings. You can see those projects at The Elder Cellar and Norris. Just follow the links!

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