Argenta Food Hall

There can be beauty in tragedy, and our Argenta rebuild proves it. When the University of Nevada Reno’s residence hall including the 1st floor dining was damaged by an explosion during planning, we were awarded the opportunity to do so much more than just the light rehab we’d been called for. With a completely blank slate, our team brought cohesive and compelling design to every corner of the new space.

Undaunted by the disaster, we worked in tandem with the base building architect, UNR, university contractor, insurance company, and all the food vendors, to create a dining experience that’ll blow the students away. Food concepts pepper the space making for a “discovery” dining experience. Both inside and outside the food hall, diners come across servery areas with grill, pizza, deli, and even allergen-free options, all nestled comfortably in and around a variety of seating options.

Project Details

  • Client: University of Nevada Reno
  • Location: Reno, NV
  • Year: 2022


Tucked neatly between the various tree elements and the mountainscape mural is a 1950’s classic Spartan Manor trailer—perfectly at home in the rugged environment that awaits students just off campus. Open access to one half of this iconic travel companion offers diners a unique experience complete with area rug and picnic “patio.” Inside the trailer, we ran banquette seating and a few TVs for a cozy booth feel.

The deft use of UNR colors can be seen throughout the building, starting with the UNR blue mural across the perimeter and even reaching into the restrooms with brightly colored tilework. Adding these kinds of touches inside a large build is an example of how we use the DNA of a client’s brand to fuel creativity. But to see more examples of how we resurrect a space, check out our portfolio section.

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