Ary Roepcke Mulchaey

Normally, the thought of accountants makes people think frumpy. Not so with Ary Roepcke Mulchaey, or, as they’ve rebranded to the hipper acronym ARM. Inspired by the appeal of youthful professionals, the founders of ARM have been depositing the mantle of business over to their younger team. The return? All new branding, website, and—of course—frump-free digs.

Nvironment was commissioned to refresh ARM’s 6,500 square foot space, at 2 Miranova Place, with a look to compliment the new team; young, trendy, and professional. Not exactly what comes to mind with your CPA, is it? Collaborating with ARM’s new vanguard, Nvironment worked arm & ARM with a local artist on several custom pieces. Now, ARM’s lobby and conference rooms have a unique energy all their own.

The entire length of ARM’s offices overlooks downtown Columbus. The view, though dramatic, was a loss to the hallway and interior and most importantly their team!. By deducting several key walls and adding glass partitions, the total ARM office is now rich with natural light and powerful views; every vista a glimpse to the outside. Repainting accent walls, updating the flooring, and re-equipping the lobby with signage and a new focal wall—all to take advantage of the new, natural lighting—finished off this space with a look right out of Forbes.

Project Details

  • Client: ARM
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Year: 2015


Whenever we get the chance to add personal touches to a project, it really lets us show how closely we’ve balanced with the client’s vision. And, refreshing a look is more than just picking out curtains, by changing views and updating the palette, we were able to give this interior exactly what ARM needed it to have: character.

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