Chili's Renovation

When food brands become dated, it can be time for an update. But with a fresh approach, some Miami sun, and a nod to Florida International University, we were able to convert the dark interior that Chili’s® lovers are so familiar with to a Florida-bright feast for the senses. Some consideration for building materials that had to be made also pushed the uniqueness of this Chili’s to a whole new level.

Flooring is a great way to change the ambiance of a space, and with this location, the traditionally cozy colors were the first things to go. We replaced the dark flooring with light wood tones and inset tile accents. Some organic shaping of the interface breaks up the straight angles throughout the dining room and the bar area. Inspired by the Miami landscape, we chose blues to echo the ocean and warm yellows to match the golden glow of the sun for our color scheme.

With the influx of carry-out dining, the To-Go counter and kiosk as the entrance was treated with nascent inspiration. We reworked the entire layout of the space to accommodate a new order and pick-up counter as well as adding Kiosk ordering at the entrance. Now hurried students and passersby can get their Chili’s fix, too.

Project Details

  • Client:Chili's
  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Year: 2020


Ocean air can damage materials, but with our creativity we found ones that were sturdy and beautiful solutions; color-infused epoxy surfaces and concrete overhead treatments will allow this Chili’s to keep up with customers for many years to come.

With a steady design and thoughtful material choice, this restaurant burned bright with the passion for an old favorite all over again. From the To-Go counter to the bar and the outdoor seating, FIU visitors will have plenty to enjoy. To learn more about how we breathe new life into familiar brands, check out the “brands” tab in our portfolio section.

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