Northwestern Feinberg Medical Center

It’s true that no place is too small for Starbucks® to create an experience. Outfitting the Feinberg Medical Center was not only a game of Tetris, but it needed some clever meshing to make it work. Thankfully, our creative team is used to that kind of challenge, and so Northwestern University was destined to receive some Venti-sized inspiration.

Our construction documents brought the Seattle-based company’s design team’s plans to life. But retrofitting the existing space for a bean-brewing titan like Starbucks made tucking all that back-of-the-house equipment away a tight fit. As luck would have it, the small facility is flanked by a row of oversized windows and 20-foot ceilings, which makes the space feel much larger than it really is.

Copper was the name-of-the-game for this interior makeover, with a metal mesh curtain brightening the space with that iconic timeless glow. This was perfect for creating unique wall treatments as well as a suspended element to make the most of the ample space overhead. Backed with neutral wood tones, the brightness further expands the space to make a truly comfortable spot for coffee connoisseurs.

Project Details

  • Client: Northwestern University Starbucks
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Year: 2019


Rounding off the peninsula counter and wrapping it in a nice warm-stained wood adds a friendly visual presence to an otherwise bland space. Match that profile with a Copper metal mesh overhead and you’ve got a unique and memorable solution. As a finishing touch, the café was peppered with black chairs for some punch.

Quick Service Retail can be a dime a dozen—a nickel for 24, if you’re Starbucks—and yet, with a little creativity and mindful space management, the results can still make the perfect brew. You can see how we handled other Starbucks installs online in our portfolio section.

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