When it comes to writing software, you might conjure up images of darkened rooms full of big monitors and a vague sense of mission control in the back of your mind. Not so with iQity. When this hip group of developers knocked on our door, we knew we would be in for a wild ride!

The first move iQity made was to relocate to the historic Smith Brothers Hardware building on the edge of downtown Columbus Ohio. Nvironment was asked to create a unique multi-functional space and so, 10,000 square feet of this building was transformed into an edgy, vibrant set of offices. We did this, based off of what the client mapped out as their developer’s work patterns, by creating a benching system with free-address networking where teammates could roam about forming ad-hoc teams to hammer out code. To accommodate the loss of private space from the open plan, we incorporated some high-school reminiscent lockers to house personal belongings.

Live plants were included in the design to help keep the overall atmosphere light and casual. The juxtaposition of modern materials with original warehouse brick and concrete makes for a dynamic office space in keeping with iQity’s lively work style. While bold black and white geometric patterned flooring, peppered with intense turquoise, softens the common areas with electric punch. We kept a few traditional work stations, deconstructed for openness and glassed for privacy, to provide security for sensitive business items such as accounting and HR without feeling out of place.

Throughout the space, modular seating and café tables with stools provide a truly relaxed environment for creative ideas to flow. Writable wall surfaces in non-traditional pink and sea green glass keep presentations exciting, while the central kitchenette (complete with kegorator), and adjacent to a standing height—sparkle top—community table, is a great place to hang out after a long day.

But the evenings at iQity are just as amazing. The open plan, casual feel and intense materials all play double-duty for a steady line-up of fundraising and networking events. Modular and moveable lobby furnishings allow flexibility depending on what event is being hosted, allowing every inch of this office to fit iQity’s unique style of work and play

Project Details

  • Client: iQity
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Year: 2016


The labyrinthine space within the historic warehouse was opened up by using glass partitions in place of walls, wherever possible. This not only creates a powerful juxtaposition against the early century brick and concrete textures, but it also gives the iQity staff dramatic sight lines deep into the space.

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27 East Russell Street | Suite 300 |
Columbus, Ohio 43215