Jot Travis Food Hall

Getting multiple brands to play nice takes some ingenuity, an interior transformation, and maybe even a pizza concept as a grounding point. At least, that’s how we did it for the University of Nevada Reno Jot Travis food hall. Where there once stood a central pay retail space with traditional cafeteria queues, we created a spacious, immersive experience that seamlessly connects 2 national and 3 internal brands into one UNR-clad hug.

As part of tightening our budgetary belts, we reused back-of-house equipment wherever possible and even got creative with some wood slats and UNR paint colors for a Pinterest-style wall treatment. With this backdrop, we were able to create a landing point when entering the dining space that screamed alma mater to visitors and set the color palette.

A sprinkling of different seating options throughout the space, coupled with a curvaceous ceiling, makes traveling through the hall a dream-like experience. And two walls of the space are separated from the pond and campus greenspace by rows full-height windows, giving the location the nickname “Overlook.” Lining those glassy sections with bar-style seating, complete with charging stations, gives students a hang out spot for refueling between classes.

Project Details

  • Client: University of Nevada Reno
  • Location: Reno, NV
  • Year: 2021


By placing a standalone pizza concept in the center of the space fitting all of the BOH support within that space, and routing the exhaust in an inconspicuous way became something of a puzzle. In the end, we feel addressing all these obstacles is precisely what makes this space so remarkable. It’s one thing to make just any old food hall, but it’s Art to make something like Jot Travis.

Tight budgets seem to be the name of the game with post-pandemic builds, but that doesn’t stop us from getting creative with client requests. To see other ways that we’ve elevated refurb to Art status for brands, check out our portfolio section.

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