What better way to boost school spirit and liven a place than with bright orange and green? At the University of Miami, those colors were the perfect answer for the Mahoney-Pearson dining hall. Reworking the 60s era building into a modern dining experience started with a vision built around the openness of the original building.

With a fresh coat of white, some locally sourced tile, and clever use of curves, Nvironment brought this renovation to life. Curved serving areas under orange crescent soffits and seating that hugs the serpentine floor transitions echo the arched lines of the pizza oven—surface treated to sparkle in the rich Florida sun, and reaching high into the space—all work to infuse a softness to the old building.

Accents of walnut and maple balances the Miami colors so prevalent in the space while cozy nooks built in to the seating help add a degree of intimacy.

Project Details

  • Client: University of Miami
  • Location: Coral Gables, Florida
  • Year: 2012


In Miami, landscaping can get tricky. To avoid looking like every other patio along the strip, Nvironment worked with the school to create new seating and patio space around existing landscaping. A blend of seating and foliage—all durable enough for the heat—fences off passers-by without feeling boxy. A large, green blind dotted with bright orange seating, and fresh herb garden for the cooking staff all create a fun outdoor place for Miami U students to hang out.

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