Norris Food Hall

Four different entrances didn’t stop us from transforming this chaotic student center into an eclectic dining delight. And you might think that cramming a deli sandwich, sushi roll, hand-crafted burger, artisan pizza, and Nashville Hot Chicken in with a variety of grab-&-go options would make this venue a disaster, but then you’d be surprised at the bustling, cozy marketplace Norris dining has become.

Technology was the name-of-the-game for this mealtime menagerie as we included self-order kiosks at every food station as well as a mobile order option for those students running late for class. Even the sound system received a digital makeover with an app so students can create a playlist for their dining pleasure.

A variety of seating—from cocooned booths and connected bars to lounge-able seating and traditional tables—create pockets of epicureanism amid a swirl of academic activity. Each dining area corresponding to the option of that kitchen, with a few powered community tables in between to blend the areas. This organization-by-cuisine allows the juxtaposition of internal, national, and local brands to create a symphony of flavors for the students.

Project Details

  • Client: Northwestern University
  • Location: Evanston, Illinois
  • Year: 2019


Colleges have a long ledger when it comes to things like the vestiges of a campus bowling alley. This allowed us to repurpose table-tops, bowling pins, and even imagery from that era to craft a nook we named Strikes & Spares. Here, students can relax, grab a bite, and work on that turkey.

Nvironment bowled over Northwest University with a number of designs and this is just one of them. To learn more about our other strikes, check out the Elder Cellar and Allison.

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