Primanti Bros.

Our love for collaboration and deep culture-diving can lead to long-term relationships with some really great brands. But more than just good phone conversations, our work for clients becomes a dynamic dance of decisions. And for the last four years, our relationship with Primanti Bros. has been a ball.

The current business model for the Primanti Brothers’ restaurant is to move into defunct existing restaurant buildings and retro-fit them for the regionally iconic sandwich chain. This not only saves money, but it allows Primanti to stay green in a typically carbon-heavy industry. But an approach like that can make for unique design challenges at every turn.

Designing a retrofit for an old Lone Star Steakhouse meant Nvironment got to blend the designs with the existing back-of-house food-service vendor. This kind of collaboration is what we’re best at, and our interior and exterior adaptive designs merged nicely to showcase this hometown brand.

Project Details

  • Client: Primanti Bros.
  • Year: Varies


Primanti Bros. asked for construction documents only, and, while we specialize in full design and documentation, we enjoy bringing a brands vision to life. These documents included both interior and exterior studies as well as a fluid process outline between the brand, the Food Service vendor, and the existing site.

Collaboration is more than just an aspiration for us; we believe in it so much we added it to our name. To see more of our capabilities in challenging circumstances, check out what we did for Hooters.

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