Eating right on a college campus is every parent’s wish …and every student’s nightmare. But, with the right treatment, even the seniors get behind a balanced diet. This new destination increases the variety of what students can munch on without introducing just another “been there, eaten that” option.

Getting the chance to work with a blank slate made cultivating this project to fruition a labor of love. With cues from the existing menu and logo, Nvironment made Simply Puur a delightful departure from the frenetic college atmosphere. Light from the full-length windows showers the space in brightness; the blonde wood tones, whites and greens, and high ceilings lifting the spirits.

The open floorplan keeps things loose to make queuing more adaptive and the space more refreshing. Menu options that would make a farmer giddy offer students a fresh and local chance for their meal. Simple kiosks and open coolers allow busy students to skip the line altogether while still getting the goodness they need.

Project Details

  • Client: IUPUI
  • Location: Indianapolis, IN
  • Year: 2019


A little whimsy was added by finishing a side wall with vegetable wallpaper, bringing the palette of greens and whites in to the space in a playful way. The high ceilings give this treatment full exposure, which, combined with the light, gives the sensation of standing in a field of produce.

Nvironment gave IUPUI students a whole new way to eat with Simply Puur, but there’s even more to the changes that we made, which you can see if you go to The Den or IUPUI Campus Center.

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