Slim Chickens

Achieving a good fit and finish is like reaching Nirvana, with retrofits and with partnerships, alike. Thankfully, with Slim Chickens®, we saw both happen. Cutting our teeth with them on their university counter concepts, it became clear that we clicked.

The university projects both involved comprehensive layouts and the application of their brand palette to merge with university requirements. With these projects wrapping up, Slims approached Nvironment for their stand-alone restaurants and we completed smooth conversions for their next two locations from the restaurants that were there before to their own brand. With these complete, given our depth of experience, Slims asked us to handle all retrofit projects moving forward.

A full transformation—inside and out—was needed at both locations, and to minimize budget strain, we kept items in good condition and added new for a cohesive Slims brand. This meant removing prior brand cues completely and working Slim proudly into the finishes. The result is an entirely Slim experience that spanned the exterior, the patio, the dining space—everything and the kitchen sink.

Project Details

  • Client: Slim Chickens
  • Year: Varies


We noticed that the employees and delivery trucks for the prior tenants would cross the drive-through traffic. So, in collaboration with the civil engineers, we redesigned the parking lots. New traffic patterns separate the pedestrians from the drive thru lanes for safety and a better experience for customers.

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