Toni's Trattoria

Rare are the times when customers are both close to home and open to ideas, but with Nick—the forward-thinking owner and chef of a cluster of culinary experiences in Galena Ohio—we found both a neighbor and a collaborator. The result is a delightful little bistro that inspires and satisfies with made-from-scratch Italian fare (recipes plucked from the family archives) served up in a space seasoned with vintage finishes, rustic textures, and soft lighting.

We made this cozy tour of Italy able to handle a variety of group sizes and states-of-mind. From traditional dining to casual sipping, we found corners, bars, and wall space to accommodate seating. The copper-tone ceiling tiles bring a human scale to the tall ceilings while the texture pleasantly reflects ambient light throughout. We also designed a custom bar with an overhead feature along one side of the back of the space, created a view into the kitchen  and added racks of wine for sale displayed up front blending retail with dining.

To complete the inviting and intimate atmosphere, we combined those deep copper tones with sage green furniture fabric and gave it all a backdrop of warm woods and muted wall colors. The combination transports diners to an Italian bistro somewhere along the shores of the Mediterranean. As a testament to both the food and the environment, friends old and new were raving about the experience as soon as the doors opened.

Project Details

  • Client:Toni's Trattoria
  • Location: Galena, Ohio
  • Year: 2023


The rich family history and strong ties to Italy became the inspiration for the gallery. Each wall is adorned with Italian-inspired imagery that both entertains and, in some cases, educates. Illustrations of pastas, wines, and phrases that delight diners and culture customers. There’s even an homage to the Rat Pack as a call for good times with friends.

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