It seems that Credit Unions are more progressive than most banks. And one of the most progressive Credit Unions we’ve worked with is Telhio. As an example, deviating from the traditional green or blue of most banks, Telhio embraces the full spectrum with green, blue, and orange branding. So when Telhio asked Nvironment to design their newest branch, all bets were off.

Despite having existing brand standards, Telhio allowed us to review and update where necessary for this new space. Even with this refreshing the finishes, we were still able to ensure a budget matching their other remodels. Our teams worked double-time to complete the planning and layout of the entire branch alongside our sourcing the new “on brand” materials.

The floor was covered in carpet hexagons to create a solid grey stripe punctuated with blocks of the three brand colors. Lofting the ceiling to expose the structural elements gave the soffits over the teller pods their needed sense of privacy.

Project Details

  • Client: Telhio
  • Location: Columbus, Ohio
  • Year: 2014


Though the standing teller pods do their job of maintaining privacy and noise reduction, Telhio member service stations were given special treatment. The design was updated to allow for storage and equipment placement while giving even more privacy and security to the involved transactions happening at these stations.

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27 East Russell Street | Suite 300 |
Columbus, Ohio 43215